it took me years to forge that groove!

Oh my God, a big, heaping pile of thanks to [personal profile] pensnest for the beautiful shawl! For real, I plotzed! What I don't know about knitting could probably fill an encyclopedia -- the thick, old-timey, hardcover kind no one buys anymore -- but even I can tell it's seriously well made, and I wore it out to dinner last night and everyone who saw me made a huge fuss and told me it matches my eyes n' stuff, so. Yes. (The green parts, not the pink parts. I do not have pink eyes. I'm not an animated rodent.)

And best of all, it came on a day I was stuck in a righteous funk, y'know, the kind I like to pretend I never get? Where you're all low and fogged over and you really just NEED something good to happen? One of those.

And then even this morning I guess the ickiness wasn't done with me, 'cos I had the loudest, most obnoxious cab driver try to tell me that Caitlyn Jenner isn't a "real transgender" because she isn't bothering to have "The Surgery", which, vom. And then he went off on the weirdest, most sexual tangent about Melania Trump, and honestly? I think the thing I was maddest about was being put in a position where I had to defend those two lowlifes. I didn't enjoy doing it. But it had to be done. *flips hair badassily*


In conclusion:

Transphobic cab drivers with opinions? Bad. Pen? Good. Very good. (And sweet!)

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take off all your preppy clothes

Grief cookies will only take you so far -- no matter how deep into the bag you crawl -- but that's fine, 'cos this weekend ended up having kind of a...shockingly positive slant to it?

I mean --

Half a million fed up people marching on Fifth Avenue! Nazis getting clocked in the face! Songs about Nazis getting clocked in the face! Madonna!

I met a fierce, kickass woman whose entire family was carted off to a Japanese internment camp in the '40s, and a guy dressed up like a literal golden shower. (SO MUCH GOLD GLITTER.)

Humanity is...really something else. I am rejuvenated.

And in that vein, I feel like sharing only uplifting things with the world. Such as this footage of Alan Cumming performing a jazzy cover of Avril Lavigne's 'Complicated' that I just found:

Maybe, just maybe, things have a shot at being okay.

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...since not saying something might actually feel weirder than saying something...

I backed up my journal over on DW and I guess I'll be doing the crossposting thing from now on?

But! I'm not leaving LJ -- I'm all spread out here and I hate change. (Hate it so much I'm keeping my same old username, of which I have never been all that fond, so. Yeah. LOTR-ish vagueries 4 LYFE, yo.)

And I'm not running around preaching doomsday, either. This is just...insurance.

But since the deed is done -- what should I do to get started over there? What am I forgetting? I will take literally any and all suggestions, 'cos I don't have a clue what I'm doing.

Excuse me, sir, might I have a sip of booze?

Good news! I didn't spend the entire Christmas weekend crying!

I mean, I did cry this morning -- who didn't? But...at least it wasn't the result of deep-seated Christmas malaise?

It actually ended up being a fun, low key couple of days: pajamas, champagne, and cookies I purchased with MONEY at a BAKERY because I am a LAZY REBEL.

Didn't manage to send out holiday cards -- AGAIN -- and of course I always feel bad accepting any from others when I doubt I'll ever get my act together enough to reciprocate, so I just end up kinda...left out of the whole process. Which sucks.

I guess I fell out of the habit when my grampa died, and I finally cut contact with my mom's awful sisters. And then I was never close with my dad's stepdad and half-brother, not even when he was still alive. I think I've met them...twice? My point being: my Big List O' Blood Relations is -- not that big. Tiny, actually. Miniscule.

But that's a stupid reason! Love has nothing to do with blood! (Unless that's your kink. No judgement.)

I'll do better next year.

Further good news: my Sesa present is adorable and funny, and was clearly written by someone who knows all about my weirdly formative crush on Disney's Aladdin. (The character, but also every character. The whole movie.) Ahem.

It's the only one I've read so far, but I think it bodes well for the rest!

I'm not crying, you're crying

I have my weepy Christmases and I have my jolly Christmases. They don't alternate or anything, it's not that exact. In fact, the weepy ones have been known to take me by surprise, and.

Welp. It's eleven pm on December 23rd and I'm sitting here, bawling my eyes out at the most emotionally manipulative thing Disney has ever produced. Surprise?

(Sorry about the vaguely anti-Semitic ickiness in the middle section. I usually fast forward through that shiz. The nuns who used to play this for us during "religion class", however? Did not.)
ouran hugging

friendship is our country's sweetest wine

A very happy birthday to zebraljb, who is sweet and generous and the kind of person who hates awkward situations so much that she won't tell you you're pronouncing her name wrong 'til, like, THE THIRD TIME YOU'VE HUNG OUT FACE-TO-FACE.

Without you the world wouldn't have Little Mermaid!sync, our fandom's one and only Kevin/Joey crossdressing fic (I checked), or the best fandom portmanteau that has ever portmanteau'd (Andersance Booper 4 lyfe!). We aren't worthy.

(And yeah, you're also clever and fun and a great mom, but honestly -- meh. I chose to highlight your truly important accomplishments. THE FIC. THE FIC ALWAYS WINS.)

*hurls fistfuls of confetti at you*

if that's corny, then corn me up

There's nothing quite like skimming over past LJ entries, especially ones where you thought you were being cute and charming, and instead realizing that you are, in fact, a deeply embarrassing person. Self discovery -- yay!

Honestly, I'm tempted to go on a mass deletion spree. I really am. But -- what's the point? That level of corn isn't something I'd ever be able to hide long term. Let the people know, I say! Let them know about the corn! Don't hide your corn under a bushel!
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the whole world is watching

Okay, I'm through with dramatics. I've gotten them all out of my system and condensed everything down into a spiky, ever-simmering rage ball. It's painful, but I can totally function this way. For years, if I have to.

In the meantime, I'ma let Ms. Yoko Ono do my primal screaming for me. She's goddamn great at it, after all.

I daresay protesting agrees with me. I may just be one of the few people around who looks ten to fifteen pounds slimmer by police car headlight-light.
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